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Our Mission Statement

At Phillips Family Chiropractic, P.C., honesty, compassion and professional integrity are our guiding principles. Simply put, we strive to treat our patients exceptionally well, both personally and professionally. We recognize that health is a most precious commodity and we greatly appreciate the trust and responsibility that our patients place in our hands. We pledge to always be mindful and respectful of this important responsibility.

Our philosophy regarding health and well being evolves from the perspective that, whenever possible, we should first make sure that we are helping the body to help itself to adequately address any area of discomfort or dysfunction. This is accomplished through attention to proper joint, muscle and nerve function, nutrition, physical conditioning, and proper stress management. In instances where attention to these areas alone is not enough to effectively treat a healthcare problem, the use of other approaches such as medication and surgery should be considered if appropriate.

It is our pledge to practice kindness, compassion and professionalism always, to deliver accurate and effective chiropractic care when indicated and to help to arrange prompt referral to another provider when appropriate.

At Phillips Family Chiropractic, it is our goal to always keep the "Care" in healthcare.